As our Term 3 coaching winds down, we would like to thank you all for being a part of Tennis Excellence. This has been the wettest term we can ever remember being a part of. Thanks for persisting with us and allowing us to show you and your kids how you can still play and learn tennis skills in an indoor environment. Next term we hope for days and days of beautiful sunshine. 

Programs for next term are currently listed on the website, as well as our school holiday programs. Jump on board today to make sure you secure the day and time that you want at your closest TE Centre.

We are introducing a number of new adult classes across TE Blue Gum and TE Melville next term, "bounce back to tennis" is our new motto, as well as our favourite "have a ball". Check the website for details regarding this.

Our Super Series is still going really well as we head towards our December 8 Finale. Please stay tuned for details regarding this day. I can let you know that TE Nedlands will be hosting the finals and there will be guest appearances from "Hoppy" the Hopman Cup mascot and "Ace" our brand new TE mascot... as well as the Hopman Cup Trophy, and many other surprises. 

Enjoy the last week and a bit of term and we'll see you soon.

TE Staff

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