A training squad for players showing an interest and passion to compete and to introduce players into tournament play or for those already competing.


  • At least 5 tournaments (inclusive of AR events, Junior Development Series (JDS) series, and Club Champs) per year.

  • Competing in junior pennants.

  • Attend squad training 2 x per week (unless in conjunction with State squads).


  • Must show an understanding of all spins (topspin, slice, flat).

  • Ability to hit forehands and backhands in all directions of the court – down the line, cross-court and up the middle.

  • An understanding of correct grips for each shot, and able to serve and volley with a chopper grip.


  • Ability to repeatedly keep a consistent and effective rally ball in play (landing in the back third of the court and rising through the baseline).

  • Must show an understanding of all 3 game modes (attack, rally, defence).

  • Must show an understanding of all 3 court zones (behind baseline, in front of baseline, and at the net).

  • Ability to transition to the net with an approach shot and play from the net using volleys and smashes.


  • An understanding and ability to perform an appropriate 3 part physical warm up (and cool down).

Hi Dan

"On behalf of my Team, I would like to thank you for your 

advice and support throughout the home and away fixtures.

We had our last training session yesterday afternoon, which was upbeat after 

a strong training session on Tuesday.

Colin felt sorer on Wednesday morning than after a usual Sunday match.

Again, thanks for your advice and support, it is much appreciated.

Let’s hope we can go one better on Sunday".



-- Ray
Blue Gum
29 Mar 2019