A training squad for players showing an interest and passion to compete and to introduce players into tournament play or for those already competing.


  • At least 5 tournaments (inclusive of AR events, Junior Development Series (JDS) series, and Club Champs) per year.

  • Competing in junior pennants.

  • Attend squad training 2 x per week (unless in conjunction with State squads).


  • Must show an understanding of all spins (topspin, slice, flat).

  • Ability to hit forehands and backhands in all directions of the court – down the line, cross-court and up the middle.

  • An understanding of correct grips for each shot, and able to serve and volley with a chopper grip.


  • Ability to repeatedly keep a consistent and effective rally ball in play (landing in the back third of the court and rising through the baseline).

  • Must show an understanding of all 3 game modes (attack, rally, defence).

  • Must show an understanding of all 3 court zones (behind baseline, in front of baseline, and at the net).

  • Ability to transition to the net with an approach shot and play from the net using volleys and smashes.


  • An understanding and ability to perform an appropriate 3 part physical warm up (and cool down).

"I just want to quickly thank you for your great coaching and manner with the kids. You get them to do things that they would have never done before. Elri LOVES it! All the parents that I talk to next to the court feel the same way. We are super impressed with your discipline skills too! They need it! Thank you Coach Mitch"


-- Lindi
South Mandurah
26 Feb 2018