A training squad for players who are regularly competing in Australian ranked tournaments.


  • At least 5 Australian Ranked (AR) tournaments per year

  • Compete in Club Champs

  • Compete in pennants in Division 3 or above

  • Attend squad training 2 x per week (unless in conjunction with State squads).


  • Must demonstrate an ability to play all spins efficiently (topspin, slice, flat).

  • Ability to play in all directions of the court – down the line, cross-court and up the middle.

  • Must display an ability to be able to increase and decrease pace on the ball.


  • Must demonstrate an ability to play in all 3 game modes effectively and be able to transition between the game modes (attack, rally, defence).

  • Must demonstrate an ability to play in all 3 court zones effectively (behind baseline, in front of baseline, and at the net) and be able to transition between the court zones.


  • An understanding and ability to perform an appropriate 3 part physical warm up (and cool down).

  • Must display basic footwork patterns (split step, recovery footwork) and be able to to use all 3 stances appropriately.

We are the  grandparents of Sebestien who we enrolled in The clinic at South Mandurah Tennis Club. I would like to praise the 2 young coaches who have been doing a fantastic job with students. I will be searching this site again during the January Holidays for something similar in Mandurah. 

Well done to the boys nothing but praise from us.

-- Jane
South Mandurah
9 Oct 2018