A training squad for players who are regularly competing in Australian ranked tournaments.


  • At least 5 Australian Ranked (AR) tournaments per year

  • Compete in Club Champs

  • Compete in pennants in Division 3 or above

  • Attend squad training 2 x per week (unless in conjunction with State squads).


  • Must demonstrate an ability to play all spins efficiently (topspin, slice, flat).

  • Ability to play in all directions of the court – down the line, cross-court and up the middle.

  • Must display an ability to be able to increase and decrease pace on the ball.


  • Must demonstrate an ability to play in all 3 game modes effectively and be able to transition between the game modes (attack, rally, defence).

  • Must demonstrate an ability to play in all 3 court zones effectively (behind baseline, in front of baseline, and at the net) and be able to transition between the court zones.


  • An understanding and ability to perform an appropriate 3 part physical warm up (and cool down).

  • Must display basic footwork patterns (split step, recovery footwork) and be able to to use all 3 stances appropriately.


Just wanted to say thanks for a great tennis experience at Blue Gum over the holidays.  My son Fraser (12) was booked in to attend the first week only, but enjoyed it so much that he wanted to play the second week of the holidays  too.  Great coach, excellent tuition and what an achievement - 10 mornings of tennis which beats computer games any  day in my opinion! Very much appreciated.  We have now booked another block of Term Tennis on a Saturday morning.


-- Jan
Blue Gum
21 Jul 2017