Footy Excellence - Our Philosophy 


AGES 5-9 : Body control, co-ordination, spacial awareness, motor learning.

Skill development at an early age will not only improve their game day ability but the varied nature of our program will enhance their skills in many different areas.

Introduction to core fundamental movement patterns and skill sets are a focus of our coaching. Junior players at Auskick level will be exposed to gross motor patterns such as running, jumping, hopping, acceleration and deceleration, all which are present in AFL. Marking, kicking and hand-balling are all bilateral skills, involving co-ordination of both sides of the body. Exposure to skills on both sides of the body is important at this stage.

Spacial awareness is essential to be trained at this stage, understanding how their growing bodies can move and interact in a variety of scenarios will enable critical thinking and adjustment of the "hows and whys" of sport. Kicking big or small, standing close or farther away, tracking balls high and low are all opportunities for learning but best of all, it is always done in a fun way to keep it interesting and exciting.


AGES 9-12 : Balance, finesse, execution and mastery, tactical development.

Once the fundamental movement skills are present, it is now time to move toward each individual sport's specific skill sets. In footy we will be targeting the essential elements, including;

Kicking : both sides of the body, co-ordination of the ball drop to foot contact, ability to kick straight and around the corner.

Hand-balling : both sides of the body, quick release, freeing the arms

Marking : Arms out, soft hands/strong hands, chest marks, jump timing and body positioning

Tackling : offensive tackling, execution of arm-pin

Gathering : body position, clean pick ups

The 1% : shepherding, smothers, spoils

Tactical development is introduced at this stage, understanding cause and effect. Teamwork becomes a priority, integrating how to use a team-mate and what roles each player has in the "big picture". More specific game patterns and match type scenarios will be utilized at this level, all intermixed with fun and challenging activities to retain competitive instincts and player enjoyment


AGES 12+ : Speed, Power, Strength, Endurance, complex actions.

The final stage is all about building on the established skills set. Players at this stage will need to have a bigger athletic output, the game has increased in speed, endurance and power become essential aspects for success. Strength and conditioning will be included in training as well as be required external to the coaching program.

Game based drilling becomes a priority, improving high pressure and intensity reactions will dramatically enhance a player's ability to analyse a variety of game specific scenarios. Being able to move through traffic, find team-mates in crowded spaces, quick release kicking, hand-balling and multiple effort tackling are all encompassed at this level.

Team positions and roles become more individualized and players will need to understand how their efforts and skills impact others.Knowing your position, your rotation and ability to work together with team-mates becomes a high priority.

All our three children have been part of Tennis Excellence at Blue Gum Park Tennis Club since 2010. The guidance and support provided by the coaches at Tennis Excellence has motivated the children in taking up tennis as their main sport.  The friendly yet firm approach taken by the coaches have helped the children not only in improving their tennis skills, but also important life long skills to make them better individuals.

-- Malar
Blue Gum
3 Feb 2019